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Fiction Physics (remember, the F in Physics is for fun!) by Catharine Bramkamp

I work with an engineer on the show – someone devoted to reality as much as he’s devoted to fantasy. Interestingly my son is a Geo-Physicist and is equally passionate about fantasy and science fiction. Which should be a lesson to writers: even brilliant people read to be transported to far away lands. Remember that you are writing for brilliant readers, some even more brilliant than you.


Is Time Travel Science Fiction?

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this post from one of our monthly columnist, Bobbye Terry. *** Is Time Travel Science Fiction? Not too long ago, the owner of one of my listservs asked this question: is...


Books Are Our Escape

Let me ask you something. Why do you read? I read to escape. I have a good life. But when I read and escape I actually find myself again, in a renewed way.