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Not a Solo Flight by Catharine Bramkamp

We all know the legend of Jack London the adventurer and prodigious writer. He is held up to authors as the epitome of the writer’s work ethic, publishing 50 fiction and non fiction books and hundreds of articles. He made his living by writing and always, always writing at least a 1,000 words a da


Would You Go To Jail For Your Novel? by Carol Malone

We aren’t going to be able to do all our novel research on the internet. We have to get off our butts, climb out of our office chairs, pack a backpack, and leave the safety of our homes in order to get up-close-and-personal research for the sake of enriching our stories.


What Happens in Vegas, Gets Published to the Entire World

Extra! Welcome to another Indie Author spotlight this week, an article on how to research your novel by author Kay Keppler. Kay Keppler writes smart, funny contemporary romance, and other fun stuff. Her story on how she did research for her Vegas-based book is fun and informative. Enjoy! PS. Oh, be sure to visit her blog for a chance to win one of my writing books and many other fabulous prizes.