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How Long Does Copyright Last? by Kelley Way 0

How Long Does Copyright Last? by Kelley Way

When you protect a work, how long does copyright last? Well, it varies. Novelist and lawyer Kelley Way explains two copyright acts, how long the protections are, and which works these acts apply to.

Breaking the Rules by Catharine Bramkamp 0

Breaking the Rules by Catharine Bramkamp

In these rule breaking times, we need a different approach to how we drag our books across the finish line. As artists, writers can approach our books with the same spirit as artists who create public art. Because a book IS public art.


Publishing Tips: How to Get Started by Beth Barany

In this post, I’ll share a few publishing tips to help you get your book into the hands of your readers. Getting published is comprised of lots of steps, but luckily there are clear...


Q&A with Charles Markee, Award-winning Author

Please welcome Charles Markee to our Featured Q&A series at Writer’s Fun Zone. He is one of the Honorable Mentions to the 2016 Genre Novelist 1st Chapter Contest, I sponsored (Beth Barany) in conjunction with the 2016 San...


Life Has Been Created! by Catharine Bramkamp

Passive sentences gained popularity in the mid- 18th century with new scientific research. The agreement between the scientists and the publishers of journals and newspapers was that the scientist (a new term and a new field of study) were to write up their ideas and findings passively.


Room to Bloom by Nevada McPherson

When you sit down to create a novel, graphic novel, screenplay, or any other piece of writing, chances are you have a purpose in mind—an idea to get across, or just characters and a story to share with the world.