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Calling Dedicated Novelists

Welcome to Fall. It’s been a time of deep reflection for me and a time of celebration. I want to tell you about a new investment level for the upcoming Plan Your Novel course...


Find + Keep Your Creative Flow

Today I want to talk about creative flow. How do you know when you’re in your flow? For me, I feel content, grounded, powerful. When I’m not in my flow, I feel grumpy, spacey,...


Take a Break From Your Writing

I’m all for being focused on your writing, being disciplined, having a plan. And of course having goals. But sometimes you need to take a break. I don’t know about you, but I find...


Games and Contests: Creative Building Blocks for Writers by Wyatt G. Bessing

Sitting down with my first student for the day, I open a new game, Zing!: The Bewitching Storymaking Game. We take turns placing words like magnetic poetry magnets, slowing creating a story of a boy playing violin as his mother watches scornfully. We gradually reveal her belligerence and anger.

Hello to Fear 2

Hello to Fear

Hello When I am afraid to write an article then I know I’m where I need to be. My heart is scared, I’m about to reveal a truth. Today, it was my personal note...