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VIDEO: Movie Trailer “From Paris With Love” 0

VIDEO: Movie Trailer “From Paris With Love”

I love Paris. And I enjoyed this fast-paced action thriller starring John Travolta and John Rhys-Meyers. It’s really a buddy film… And Rhys-Meyers has some great skills with languages…  


Travel + Imagination = Fun!

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You can win a e-book to spark your writing! Read on… I love to travel. Travel sparks my imagination, fuels my story engine, and renews my motivation to write. One of my most favorite place in the world is Paris, France. I have lived there twice, visited twice, and speak fluent French.


Inspiration for Writing: Geography

My spirit is uplifted by grand buildings. I hear the whisperings of times past. Stories seep out of the old stone, echoes of footsteps remind me of people I have never met and never...