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You Got the Look by Nevada McPherson

When I first started creating graphic novels I thought it would be fun to add color, but the labor-intensive method I use (doing everything by hand) made it really difficult. I liked the look of the black and white and stuck with it for a long time.


Take it Outside! by Nevada McPherson

I came across this quote on a bookmark the other day and was mindful of it the next time I went outside to sit on my back steps. There is a positive and grounding force in connecting with nature and I believe it feed and nurtures our creativity.


The Next New Thing by Nevada McPherson

In the past I’ve discussed my evolving style and methods as I continue to learn the art of comics and the graphic novel. When I look at my past books I can see clearly how my drawing is changing to suit my voice. This graphic novel, Queensgate, contains mostly my hand-drawn frames, and I’d incorporated traced pictures of photographs I’d taken on my first trip to London.


A “Flush” of Inspiration by Nevada McPherson

How’s the fall writing coming along? With a chill in the air you might be inspired to try something new or revamp past ways of working. Did you ever consider stepping outside your chosen genre as a way to refresh yourself creatively? I was offered the opportunity to do just that recently and I learned a lot and enjoyed it very much!


“Why is this Taking so Long?” by Nevada McPherson

As I begin art work on my third graphic novel, I realize there are things I learned from creating the first two that will definitely influence the way I work on this one. If you’re involved in a long project of your own you know that completing it is a daunting task and one that sometimes looks so difficult it’s easy to get discouraged.