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Characters and Their Sensory Limitations: POV and Description by Susanne Lakin

Few writers pay much attention to character placement, but this is something of paramount concern to filmmakers, and a subject I cover in depth in Shoot Your Novel. A director has to lay out his camera shots, deciding when a close-up shot would be more effective than a long shot, for example. He may want the camera positioned far away from the action, to make details unclear and evoke curiosity or misinterpretation. Or he may have an extreme close-up to ensure viewers don’t miss a tiny detail that is crucial to the plot.


Description is About Feelings by Jackie Blain

One of the delights of reading fiction is getting lost in the world of the story. Becoming so immersed in that place and time that we get confused when we look up from the page, and have to ask, “Where am I?”