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Your Book in Five Words or Less: Your Title by Kay Keppler

You’ve finished your book. After all the hard work, you need a great title. But writing a title is a lot different from writing a full-length novel or even a short story. Writing a title takes creativity, but it isn’t storytelling—it’s marketing. Your potential readers see a title before they see anything in chapter one, and it has to hook them. Companies spend fortunes on finding the right name for new products—names that will resonate with consumers—and so should you.


7 Ways to Brainstorm the Best Title for Your Book

My method for finding the right title is designed to help your fans-to-be discover your book. Recently, I’ve finished the draft to the sequel of my bestselling thriller The Torah Codes. Now I’m applying my method of finding the best title, and the system works so well that I’ve discovered all of my title ideas are bad titles!


3 Steps to a Good Book Title That Sells

Welcome to our weekly guest column by Ezra Barany, the Book Mentor and author of the bestselling novel The Torah Codes. He offers indie novelists important tips, entirely under our control, to help our books be discovered by readers all over the world. This week he focuses on the three elements of a good book title that will help your book sell.