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I Give Up: For My Creativity by Jill Badonsky

For My Creativity – I gave-up on trying to be perfect, on trying to emulate the approach of others, or on anything remotely related to how things are “supposed to be.” I don’t have time for that anymore. I only have time for fun, for being curious…


Authenticity by Faith Van Horne

I am happy to welcome Faith Van Horne back for another month with us! In today’s article Faith discusses authenticity and it’s importance for both writers and authors. Enjoy! *** When a piece of...


4 Ways To Develop Your Authentic Voice For Book Marketing Success

Welcome to Artist Entrepreneur Fridays, where we focus having a successful author career from the business and strategic perspectives. This week I have another guest post from Matthew Ashdown, Book Promotion Specialist with FriesenPress. FriesenPress is a fee-for-service self-publisher. Matthew offers 4 ways to develop your authentic voice for your book marketing success.