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Kick Ass Heroines: Part #3

I talked earlier about the Bad Girl Archetype: We Love Her, We Hate Her, We Want to Be Her and Characteristics of a Kick-Ass Heroine Archetype. You could call them Part 1 and 2, if you want! Today I continue my exploration of these Kick Ass Heroines that I love in books, movies and TV shows. Hence, part #3!


Characteristics of a Kick-Ass Heroine Archetype

I wrote an earlier post on the kick-ass heroines I’ve seen in media, Bad Girl Archetype. There are not enough Kick-Ass Heroines in my opinion when you compare to all the men who have these roles — so today I’ve decided to compile a list of the characteristics of a kick-ass heroine archetype. I’m really curious what you think.


Writer as Hermit: The Archetype

I don’t have much to say right now. I’m feeling like the Hermit. Walking into a dark cave. Guided only by the light of my heart, mind and soul. Searching for answers only I...