Develop a Thick Skin: Advice for Newbie Authors by Tinthia Clemant

Develop a Thick Skin: Advice for Newbie Authors by Tinthia ClemantLet’s welcome back monthly columnist Tinthia Clemant as she shares with us: “Develop a Thick Skin: Advice for Newbie Authors.” Enjoy!


I recently read a blog post on @JodyHedlund regarding advice she would give to budding authors. Let me stop here and mention that I love Ms. Hedlund’s books; when it comes to historical romance, she rocks. However, and this is my humble opinion, her advice to novice writers fell a bit short. You can find the post here: Advice to a Novice Writer.

Ms. Hedlund opens her post with the general advice of not rushing the process. It was unclear what process she was referring to. Perhaps she meant new writers should learn the mechanics of writing before sitting down to write a novel. Or she might have been thinking how it’s important to understanding the difference between showing and telling. Upon reading further, I realized she meant everything! Mechanics of writing, crafting a story, the whole enchilada!

People have asked me the same question: What advice would I give budding writers? My answer? Develop a thick skin.

A person who chooses to become a writer needs a thick skin if she/he is going to survive. (Click to Tweet)

Or, as Harper Lee put it…

Harper LeeTo be heard, writers must put themselves out in the world and slowing down won’t save you if you bleed whenever someone criticizes the story you’ve poured your heart and soul into.  No matter how slow or fast you write, the cruelty of the world remains the same.

So, there you go, that’s my advice for newbie authors–write your book however fast you want, the pace is up to you. But do it while wearing a suit of armor.

Besides, think how great you’ll look. Happy writing,



Author avatar, Tinthia ClemantAuthor of The Summer of Annah series, Tinthia Clemant lives in a secluded spot on the Concord River in Massachusetts. Her companions include a black Labrador/Coonhound named Harlee; Shadow, an elderly black cat who still rocks at catching mice that have wandered into the house; a few hundred wild Mallards; assorted turtles, songbirds, snakes; and hawks, two Great Blue herons, and an American bald eagle.

The Seasons of Annah (2 book series) by Tinthia Clemant

Besides writing, she enjoys baking, gardening, reading (of course), painting and photography, laughing, and movies (the more explosions the better). Tinthia is an ice cream aficionado and insists that Ben and Jerry are the most perfect men ever created. She inherited my father’s temper and her mother’s view on life: It’s meant to be lived, embraced, savored, inhaled, and not given back until every last drop of wonder is claimed. If you visit Tinthia, make sure you bring a bottle of bourbon and, of course, ice cream. Her favorite flavor is Chunky Monkey.

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  • Jayna Sheats says:

    Much appreciated! One should be one’s own harshest critic, but after one has a strong reason for thinking that the work is “right”, then that should be the final judgment; otherwise you’ll be endlessly pushed this way and that, with no benefit. I’m pleased to read this from an “expert”.

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