Talk to Your Book, An Intuitive Approach

Talk to Your Book, An Intuitive Approach by Beth BaranyRecently, I attended an online talk about intuitive editing by Mark David Gerson, another writing coach, teacher, and author.

I’d just come back from Saudi Arabia where I taught three workshops in three days and I wanted a turn being the student. I’ve been feeling stuck and disconnected from my own editing process.

I’m editing and revising a four-book science fiction detective series. It’s already written, and I’ve been revising it on a light level for the last few years. I want to publish this series next year.

Into The Black, Book One is already on preorder! I have my book blurbs, I have my covers, but I know the books aren’t quite ready.

So, I went to Mark’s lecture online. Cool thing… he was delivering the talk at a bookstore in Sedona, Arizona, and I think I was the only online attendee. (This was December of 2019; my, how things have changed!)

Mark said some useful things, and one of the most useful things he said was to tune into what the book’s vision is for itself.

Being Intuitive Via Writing

So on Monday, I sat down at Peet’s coffee on the corner of Piedmont Avenue and Glen and used the Mythulu deck (site) to create prompts to ask the book what its vision was for itself.

Almost two hours later I came out of that with an answer that I didn’t like but felt true.

I’m writing about a woman who’s dealing with grief in the midst of remaking her life.

It’s so different from what I wrote about in the Henrietta The Dragon Slayer series, about a young woman searching for her place in the world, asking how she can be a leader, how she can channel her power in a constructive way.

About the Janey McCallister Mystery series

These books I’m currently working on are set against the backdrop of a space station hotel casino high above Earth, very separated from daily concerns. People come here to party, to gamble, to play, to hook up, to make shady deals. Even to study the stars.

My detective, the lead investigator, Janey McCallister, must solve crimes, and in each book solves a murder mystery, all while she’s dealing with her grief. She’s dealing with the grief of her mother who’s sick and with the grief of her best friend dying some years before that propelled her into this life.

She knows she wants justice and to bring some rest to the dead, to bring a sense of rightness into her life and the lives of those around her.

I really didn’t like realizing that my story was about transforming one’s life amidst grief. I find it such a sad prospect. But the reality is it’s what’s up for me and for the book, all four books. And at the same time, I have to face what’s real. I have to listen to the book.

Talk To Your Book: An Intuitive Approach

So if you are stuck with your editing process or even in your first drafting process, I invite you to ask the book — talk to the book…

Ask it: what is your vision for yourself?

Yes. This is an intuitive process.

Notice what shows up.

If it’s helpful use divination cards, or Tarot, or the Mythulu deck. And see what flows out of your dialogue.

Write it down.

I’m wondering… do you know what your story wants? What is its vision and message?

Have you asked? Do you already know?

Share in the comments. Thanks!

PS. After writing this post above, I’ve integrated and feel a great sense of peace and centeredness now that I know what my story wants, what it’s trying to say.



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  • Thanks so much for sharing your experience with your story and for encouraging others to connect more intuitively with their own stories. As you have already discovered, it’s a powerful process and one that always leads to more compelling stories!

  • Beth Barany says:

    You’re so welcome and thank you again for the inspiration, Mark!

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