Surprise! 24 hours of unlimited access for Indie Novelist Summit

Everyone loved The Indie Novelist Summit so much that my friend Brian Berni is bringing it back for FREE for a limited time — 24 hours. (Over 2,000 people signed up! Lots of people said they enjoyed my talk on the “7 Keys to Story Planning.”)

This incredible online event is packed full of incredible strategies to help you to write, publish and market your first novel.

If you are ready to begin your fiction-writing career, NOW is the time, and the 30+ experts who spoke at The Indie Novelist Summit can help you to get there.

Whether you’re brand-new to writing or have that half-finished manuscript in your drawer, you’ll find tons of great ideas and actionable info from world-class experts such as Joanna Penn, Derek Murphy, Adam Croft, Joel Friedlander and many more.

>> Get your free Indie Novelist Summit ticket here: <<<

Have a creative week!




PS. I know you’re smart… You can see that trying to watch all 30+ hours in one day is going to be tough (okay, impossible!).

I’ve got a solution for that! You can upgrade to the Indie Novelist Summit Premium Pass and get unlimited access to the ENTIRE event plus exclusive bonuses for one low price!

But hurry! At the end of the Encore period, the cart is closing and the All-Access Pass will no longer be available for purchase, so don’t delay:

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