Publishing Tips: How to Get Started by Beth Barany

In this post, I’ll share a few publishing tips to help you get your book into the hands of your readers.

Getting published is comprised of lots of steps, but luckily there are clear pathways to your chosen destination.

Whether you want to traditionally publish or publish your books yourself (self-publish), there are resources out there for you.

I was recently interviewed by Paul G. Brodie of the “Get Published Podcast” who specializes in helping nonfiction authors publish their books.

I shared my tips for writing and marketing for indie fiction authors, and shared about one of my favorite novels too.


Go here to listen to our 15-minute interview: (Opens a new tab)

(I like how he creates short podcast with his guests. You can check out his whole roster on iTunes.)

Publishing Tips

If you’re curious about Paul’s tools for nonfiction writers, go here:

If you’re curious about how to self-publish your ebooks, you can check out my course here — especially for novelists:

If you need help discerning which path to publication is right for yousign up here “Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing” Report I created.

Marketing Tips

I mention blog tours in the interview, and have a course on that too.


What are your questions about publishing? Post them in the comments below. I probably can help you find the right resources for you.

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