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If you want a career as a novelist or you just want a few strangers to buy your books, it’s probably a very good idea that you learn how to market your books and in a way that you’re comfortable with.

One of my entrepreneur teachers told me years ago that marketing is just telling people who don’t already know about you … about you.

Essentially marketing is communication. You can do that. You’re a writer.

Marketing is also about relationships: making them, keeping them, and cultivating them.

I know you can do that.

The question is how, right? A questions many people ask me is, “How do I market my books?”

Great question, and I have lots of answers for that in the 6 marketing courses I’m offering as a big bundle of courses, books, and other resource now on sale through Monday, Oct. 16, 9pm PT/12midnight ET.

And 25% of the proceeds go for a good cause!

The Influencer Bundles for Good is on sale now for less than one more day.

Get 112 courses, books and resources worth more than $6,500 to help you build your online authority for only $77. (Including some of mine!)

If you’d like to reach your readers and grow your influence, this is a great selection of resources at an amazing price.

Learn More About the Influencer Bundles for Good

The Influencer Bundles for Good has over 100 courses, books and resources on:

  • Blogging (including my “How to Run a Successful Blog Tour for Novelists” course”)
  • Podcasting
  • Book Publishing (including my “Self-Publishing Ebooks for Indie Authors” course)
  • Writing (including my “The Writer’s Adventure Guide: 12 Stages to Writing Your Book” course)
  • Personal Branding
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media (including my book, Twitter for Authors)
  • Course Creation
  • Marketing (including my courses “Branding for Novelists,” “Book Launches and Campaigns for Novelists,” and “How to Write Your Author Branding Statement”)
  • Networking
  • Online Business
  • And More!

Reaching readers and marketing successfully online requires mastering countless skills and technologies.

You can try to figure it out on your own, or you can learn from experts who’ve done it all before. Both are good.

If you want to learn from others, I recommend checking out the Influencer Bundles for Good and use what’s useful to strengthen your marketing and promotion skills as an author.

The best part is that 25% of profits from the sale are going to support Courageous Kitchen, a charity helping refugees in Bangkok. Your purchase can not only transform your author business, it will also help some of the most vulnerable on the planet.

Save time and accelerate your online growth with training from dozens of online experts.

Get the Influencer Bundles for Good Now!

Don’t miss out on the Influencer Bundles for Good. Once the sale is over, it’s over for good.

Thank you,
Here’s to your creativity! Happy writing!

All my best,

PS. If you haven’t signed up for the free Grow Your Audience ebook, I recommend getting it soon. Dozens of contributors to the bundle have shared their best advice for building an online following in this ebook.


Beth Barany is creativity coach for writers, a teacher, workshop facilitator, and speaker, helping writers address overwhelm and confusion so that they can write, market, and publish their fiction. And make it fun!

Owner of the Barany School of Fiction, an online training hub, Beth takes great interest in how humans learn, create, and grow, and includes all her students’ life experiences, including the ancestors, into the moment.

Want to prepare for NaNoWriMo? Check out the comprehensive Plan Your Novel course here.

She also writes magical tales of romance and adventure to empower women and girls to jump into life with both feet and be the heroes in their own lives. Check out her Henrietta series here (YA Fantasy) and her Touchstone series here (Fantasy/Paranormal Romance).

Support her mission to empower women and girls with her fiction on Patreon here.

Read her latest book for writers, Twitter for Authors, here.


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