The Quiet Before the Creating by Beth Barany

Last week I talked about boundaries, so that you can get your writing (or editing or marketing) done in a way that works for you.

To refresh your memory or see it for the first time, you can jump to the blog post here.

Today I want to talk about the quiet before, during, and after writing.

Before I write I’m often agitated, an angst without words.

While writing, I reach for the right word and find myself often lacking.

After a writing or editing session, I experience as emptiness and feel I have nothing to say. I’ve said it all.

I bring up this experience to include it as part of the creative process. We word people don’t always have words. And that’s okay.

Do you experience this kind of calm? I’m curious. Hit reply and let me know.

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Have a fabulous week and happy writing!

All my best,

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Beth Barany is the author of Twitter for Authors: Social Media Book Marketing Strategies for Shy Writers.Beth Barany is creativity coach for writers, a teacher, workshop facilitator, and speaker, helping writers address overwhelm and confusion so that they can write, market, and publish their fiction. And make it fun!

Owner of the Barany School of Fiction, an online training hub, Beth takes great interest in how humans learn, create, and grow, and includes all her students’ life experiences, including the ancestors, into the moment. Check out the comprehensive Plan Your Novel course here.

She also writes magical tales of romance and adventure to empower women and girls to jump into life with both feet and be the heroes in their own lives. Check out her Henrietta The Dragon Slayer series here (YA Fantasy) and her magical and romantic Touchstone series here (Fantasy/Paranormal Romance).

Support her mission to empower women and girls with her fiction on Patreon here.

Read her latest book for writers, Twitter for Authors, here.

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  • Hugh Tipping says:

    I have not yet experienced that feeling of emptiness after writing or editing. I think because I am still such a beginner and have so much to do for my book that I am still at the point where I have much to say and still struggle to say it.

    I do, however, relate to finding that right word, that special little molecule to cause just the right reaction in a sentence.

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