Early Bird Sign up Deadline for Plan Your Novel course ends 9/17

INSTAGRAM-Calling all Novelists!_date-generic-v4 (1)If you’re considering joining us for our Plan Your Novel course that starts Oct. 1st, then register now!


For: Beginning writers and experienced writers who want to plan their novel in an organic or step-by-step way, so that on November 1st you can start with a firm foundation to start writing it alongside the NaNoWriMo.org crowd, or on your own.

This course is co-taught by two experienced writers and teachers with 18 books and 5 awards between them.

We’ve been where you are.

As a certified creativity coach, Beth Barany has years of experience helping writers start novels and complete their novels. Ezra Barany is an experienced teacher and writer.

30-Day Writing Challenge to PLAN YOUR NOVEL, course starts Oct. 1st

This class is good for you:

  • If you have never written a novel, and have always wanted to, and still feel lost on how to go from brilliant idea to The End, then you will be stretched in new and different ways.
  • If you’re an experienced novelist, with 1 or 2 completed or partially completed novels under your bed. You may find this course structured in a way that’s new to you and yet familiar.
  • If you have 5 or more unfinished novels sitting in a drawer, and always hit that sagging middle and lose focus or lose interest, this course will help you dream up exciting ways to torture, I mean challenge, your characters all the way to the resolution of the story.

This course is designed for the writer with a life — you have other activities that you’re committed to in addition to writing.

For those of you who want support, tools, lessons, and community, join us in the October live course, “Plan Your Novel” 30-Day Writing Challenge.

Check it out here:

In our 30-day class (with the 31st to celebrate!), we will cover planning these aspects of your novel:

  • In Week 1, we start small with the Elevator Pitch & Short Synopsis.
  • In Week 2, we help you Get to Know Your Main Characters, as it relates to your story.
  • In Week 3, we expand the scope into getting clear on your Story Plot & World Building.
  • In Week 4, we help you draft a Scene-by-Scene Outline & do Plotting in a way that works for you.

In our October course, we gently challenge writers to plan their entire novels in 30 days, so that they can sit down with confidence and clarity on November 1st and write their novel during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, a free international movement and nonprofit), or any time.

You’re invited to join us!

Early Bird Bonuses

Sign up now and also get 2 cool marketing courses for novelists as bonus gifts!

Bonuses are:

Valued at over $350.

Sign up by Sept. 17th, 9pm PT to get these bonuses.

Sign up here: http://30daywritingchallengefornovelists.bethbarany.com/

Scholarships Now Available for the Plan Your Novel course

To pay it forward all the ways in which I’ve been helped in my writing and author career journey, we’re offering several full and partial scholarships. Designed specifically for those who are facing financial hardship, we ask that you fill out a short application and share a bit about yourself. Good luck!

Deadline to apply: Sept. 25, 6pm PT.

Apply here:


Be sure to see which level you want to apply for by checking out the course page.

Deadline to apply: Friday, Sept. 25, 6pm PT.

I look forward to having you in the course!

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