World Building for Novelists by Beth Barany

Broad Universe banner In August 2014, I was interviewed by progressive science fiction author, Michelle Murrain, on my views on world building in fantasy for the monthly Broad Universe podcasts.

We discussed the philosophy of world-building for fantasy, examples of world building, settings for stories, and tips and tools for fantasy world-builders everywhere.

Enjoy the interview here:

Be sure to also check out my handout on world building. (also, check out my 17 Tips on World Building here.)

BTW, I’m a proud member of Broad Universe, an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, encouraging, honoring, and celebrating women writers and editors in science fiction, fantasy, horror and other speculative genres. I write young adult fantasy and paranormal romance.

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Beth Barany, Novelist, Coach, Professional Human, Part-time Goof

Beth Barany, Novelist, Coach, Professional Human, Part-time Goof

Beth Barany is the editor and publisher of the Writer’s Fun Zone. Certified as a Creativity Coach and NLP Practitioner, and an award-winning novelist of a YA fantasy novel, Beth Barany is passionate about helping genre novelists get their message out into the world, gain confidence in their self-expression, and discover how they can get noticed and sell books to their readers. More about her services and products for genre novelists at Write on! Play on! 

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