Bloom Where You Are Planted by Beth Barany

As a novelist building a career, do you ever feel that you are shouting into the wind? That you’re clawing up a slippery muddy mountain? That you’re paddling upriver in a whitewater rapids?

I do! When that happens, my go-to response is to put my head back down, crawl back into my writer cave, and write on whatever story is next. Yep, I lick my wounds and turn my back on the world once again so I can create. I’m sensitive after all, as I imagine you are.

But when I feel strong again, I turn and face the world and wonder, “Where are my readers? What do I do? How do I find them?”

Then I feel alone again because I don’t see them. I hear the wind whistling in the crevices of a barren landscape and feel ever so alone in a cold vista.

Vicious circle. Sad. Alone.

No fun. At all.

Big breath in and out, everyone.

There you go…

There is a way out. A third way. Promise.

Here’s my way out of this vicious circle. I take a deep breath and I ask myself, “Self, what do I want?” Or more gently, “Self, what would you like?”

This question helps me reach for what I want, but ironically it also helps me acknowledge  where I am, notice what I feel, and helps me choose to bloom from here, not from somewhere else.

Try it. What is that like for you?

Another way to get there is to ask, “Self, What is your greatest desire?”

Here’s a pretty word image for you to share and enjoy and reflect upon.

My greatest desire as a writer is to...

My greatest desire as a writer is to…

I was inspired to create this based on today’s prompt from *Bloom Your Online Relationships – 30-Day Challenge*. It’s free to sign up. You can join here.

I desire for my fiction to touch people’s heart. I desire for my nonfiction to be useful, inspiring, and help authors act upon their desires.

Your turn!

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My wish for you today is that you reach for the stars and enjoy every luscious moment of the journey and adventure of your design.

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