How Do You Exercise Your Writing Muscles? by Ace Antonio Hall

Today on Writer’s Fun Zone we welcome author Ace Antonio Hall as he asks us how to exercise your writing muscles. Enjoy!


Exercise Your Writing Muscles

First things first-stating the obvious … 

Not only must a writer be an avid reader, but one who reads a ton in their areas of writing.

Some say, read different types of genres to be exposed to different styles. I say do that, but if you haven’t published a book in a particular genre yet, read everything you can in the genre you want to be published in, including a mixture of the classics, and what’s popular today.

 Why? It allows you to get a true sense of what’s current, what’s paying homage, what’s overdone and now considered a spoof, what agents consider marketable, and what’s good, and most  importantly, what’s bad. Anyone who says, they don’t like to read novels in their genre because they want their ideas to be fresh, is either self-published, not selling, or irrelevant.

Surprising data: I recently attended a workshop where the speaker said that ninety percent of self-publishers sell less than 100 books. Astonishing, if that’s true. Don’t tell that to Amanda Hocking or Dan Poynter!

Exposure + Experience = Appreciation.

Even after I became traditionally published, the tools I learned are everyday essentials. Even Michael Jordan had a coach. The greatest scientists in the world keep up with science journals and conferences. Why? The world is ever-evolving, always-changing, and so are you!

Lastly, I set goals and verbally self-affirm them often. When I do my writing workshops, I have all of my attendees say the following out loud, sign, and promise to keep their copy somewhere they can be reminded daily of their own writing promissory.

G.O.A.L. Writing

Go On And Live Writing

Commitment Statement


“No means No-t Yet! Push, even when you don’t feel like it, write.”  —Ace Antonio Hall

“My goal is to sell everything I write.” —Art Holcomb

“Every writer is just practicing until he/she writes a million words.

Even if they manage to get published, it’s all practice up to that point.”

–David Gerrold

“I READ to inhale, WRITE to exhale.”

–Mike Robinson

Commitment Statement

by Ace Antonio Hall


I am an author.

I may have many talents, many creative gifts, but first and foremost, I am a writer.

Every experience I encounter will tap into the imaginings of my story. Every place I go has the potential to be the catalyst in building a world for my fictional settings.

I will eat, sleep and speak author-ese.

I commit to develop my craft by any means necessary—that may mean workshops, studying my reading with a highlighter ready to take notes, reading blogs, going to more writing events, and even investing in writing classes.

Writing is a lifetime learning experience.

Investing in my writing means pouring my passion into my growth, love and inner-harmony which will in return, enhance my fulfillment.

No more excuses.

I am focused. I am dedicated. I am writing.

I am an author.




Congratulations, you’ve just made an unbreakable promise to yourself. Writing is a lifestyle. It is time to Live It!

                                                                                                     –Ace Antonio Hall

I’m reminded of the Dos Equis commercial where the Most Interesting Man in the World suggests that you, “Stay thirsty, my friend.” I suggest as we continue to create the Most Interesting Stories in our Mind, that we do the same … Thank you for reading! 🙂



Ace Antonio Hall graduated from Long Island University with a BFA. He is a former NYC middle school English teacher who can’t get enough of zombies and Spider-Man comic books. When he’s not in the gym working off the extra calories from eating way too many donuts, Ace writes young adult horror fiction.

His novel The Confessions of Sylva Slasher was released April 14, 2013 by Montag Press. The second book in his series, Crystal Coffin, will be available next year.

More about Ace at and on Twitter

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  • Carol Anne Olsen Malone says:

    I’m going to copy your writer’s commitment statement and tack it to the wall about my computer. My friends are distraction and procrastination. I need to make them take a vacation. Thank you for your power.

  • Ace Antonio-Hall says:

    That is wonderful news! Thank you so much for your comments and positive energy.

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