Writing Begets Writing. Holiday Special Ends on New Years Eve

Holiday special. Give yourself the gift of writing your novel.

Holiday special. Give yourself the gift of writing your novel.

Happy Almost New Year!

A reminder about my holiday special that ends tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013.

I’m offering a FREE writing coaching session. Yes, a free one-hour full on coaching session.

I rarely give away my time like this – usually just for raffle winners at my live presentations.

So this is really special. I’m doing it in the spirit of the Holiday season and because I am called to help other writers, always have been, hence my business. 🙂

Here’s how to take advantage of my offer:

1) Purchase one or two or all three of my writing and marketing related books – see list of eligible books here: http://authorentrepreneurship.com/author-success-school-holiday-special/;

2) Do the 2 (two) assignments related to the book(s) you purchased. The assignments are listed here: http://authorentrepreneurship.com/author-success-school-holiday-special/.

3) Email your receipt and the answers to your assignments to me at beth@bethbarany.com. That’s it!

THEN: I’ll send you the link to schedule your free coaching session valued at $195.

Coaching sessions are 60 to 75 minutes long and take place over phone or Skype. (I’m in the United States Pacific time zone. You can be anywhere in the world where you have a phone or Internet connection.)

BONUS: You can win a Scholarship to my next Author Group Coaching program that starts in April 2014, valued at $1,500. Check out all the details here: http://authorentrepreneurship.com/author-success-school-holiday-special/.


Pin this: Writing begets writing. By Beth Barany.WHY I’M DOING THIS
While I don’t know if reading an entire book on writing will help you – hopefully you’ll start writing before you finish the book. I do know that if you even do one of the exercises in my book and you move forward in your writing that experience will be a win for you.

Why? Once we start writing, putting words to page gets easier.

Writing begets writing.

All successful writers know this and find ways to get moving and stay writing day after today.

The good news is that these are skills you can learn. And it is my joy and pleasure to help learn and master these skills so that you can get into action and stay that way. If that is your deepest desire. 🙂

So if it is your deepest desire to be a writer and write your stories, take advantage of my FREE writing coaching session. Take action today!

Click here: http://authorentrepreneurship.com/author-success-school-holiday-special/.

Here’s to your success as a writer!

And Happy New Year!

All my best,

Author’s Coach, Speaker, Award-winning Novelist

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