Want to write a book? (But don’t have time?)

Want to write a book? (But don’t have time?)

My colleague Alicia Dunams will be teaching her 3-day intensive Bestseller in a Weekend for nonfiction authors November 15th through November 17th. If you’re serious about getting your book out to support you business, get more clients, and increase your visibility in a big way, then check out her course here: (free 1-hour webinar) http://bit.ly/1evdQ6D

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A book is an awesome marketing tool for business owners and entrepreneurs.

In fact, in my opinion it’s not just the best reason to write a book, it’s the ONLY reason.

Most people have thought about writing a book. But usually they don’t because they think they don’t have time.

Or worse, they start the book, but never finish. (Ever meet someone who’s been writing their book for years? I have.)

Now more than ever I’m a big fan of writing a book to help promote your business.

These days it’s easy to self publish and you can be selling your book on Amazon.com inside a few days.

That’s smart marketing.

And it’s even smarter if you do it in a weekend.

How is that possible?

Simple… I’ll be using the Bestseller In A Weekend system.

It’s my friend Alicia Dunams amazing method to help anyone (even me) have a completed book at the end of one weekend.

You start the weekend… you end with a book. She’s got it down to a science.

If you would like to know just how it’s possible to write a book in a weekend, then I’ve got something cool for you.

Alicia is doing a webinar on November 11 called How to Write a Bestseller in a Weekend.

In this 60 minute presentation, you will discover:

* 5 proven and easy steps to write not just any book, but a bestselling book, in one weekend.
* What’s keeping you from writing a book and how you can instantly overcome it. (Alicia really knows how to inspire action.)
* How to select a title that sells.
* How to catapult yourself to the top ranks of the world’s biggest bookseller — Amazon.com.

…and, much, MUCH more!

There is no charge for this event.

To register for this webinar, use this link:


Click Here to Register For The Webinar

If that link doesn’t work, copy-n-paste this one:


I’ll be attending too.

See you on the webinar!

Beth Barany

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