Guest Post: Feel Stuck in a Creative Rut? Find The Sacred in Every Day by Amanda Elo’esh

Good Story by Jonathan Boek--from Flickr--creative commons licensePlease help me welcome Amanda Elo’esh to Writer’s Fun Zone. Today Amanda is showing us how to find the sacred in every day to become unstuck from your creative rut. Enjoy!


Here’s something that might be helpful if you’re feeling stuck in a creative rut and unable to get things moving again.

Commit some time (5 minutes?) each morning to write something for what is sacred in your life: God, Goddess, Earth, Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, whatever it is that you acknowledge as bringing joy and vitality into your life. Write for it. Praise it.

Don’t share it with anyone. Don’t analyze it’s goodness. Just write it. Okay, now sing it. Yes, sing it. Make up a little song. Do you feel ridiculous? That’s even better. Sing it for that sacred being who helps you when you need it. Done singing? Okay, now, dance it. Yes, get up off your flattened writer’s butt and shake it for the Holy. Let your body move. For nothing more than an offering to what makes your life worth getting out of bed and writing about.

While moving, allow yourself to make ceeerazy sounds. Let out monkey noises, broken robot sounds. Take some deep breaths and jump and shake a bit. But as you do, remember this is an offering to that sacred being in your life. It’s not for productivity. It’s not for self-esteem. It’s not even so you can start writing again, but to simply acknowledge that there is a force beyond you that may be just as hungry for something delightful as you are for your creative inspirations.

Start feeding the source that feeds you, and don’t stop. Don’t ever stop. Don’t ever share it. Don’t ever publish it. Just feed that source without request or expectation. Then, you can write about THAT. Enjoy!


Amanda Elo’esh is an Urbindigenous Priestess helping extraordinary women shed painful rejections from being outside the box. She shows them how to shine like the SuperSTARS they are. Urbindigenous is a mixture of urban and indigenous. Bringing together indigenous traditions and modern spirituality. Peeps can find her at

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  • Wyatt Bessing says:

    Thanks for that creative whack! I love turning music up loud when I write, letting the music move me to new heights!

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