A Twitter Success Story by Beth Barany

Twitter for Authors by Beth Barany_629Wx1000HMany authors don’t understand how to use Twitter to spread the word about their books. They think Twitter is a waste of time.

I really don’t think Twitter is a waste of time, and I’ll tell you why.

Actually Twitter is a great place to make connections with people you may otherwise never meet and to spread the word about your book in unexpected ways, and into unexpected venues.

All you need to do is be clear about the kinds of ways you’d like to promote your book, take action, and say YES to opportunities when they land in your lap.

Now I realize that my way of going about book marketing and promotions may not be yours. I tend to use the “attractor” method. That is I intend and attract what I want; I don’t go cold-calling or asking, necessarily. In fact, I model the behavior I want others to do for me.

I explain more about how to use Twitter in this attractor why in my new book, Twitter for Authors: Social Media Book Marketing Strategies for Shy Writers.

Case in point, and my Twitter success story:

I take guest bloggers on my blog, Writer’s Fun Zone. And I’ve intended to be a guest blogger on more blogs. (For 2013, my goal is to be a guest blogger at least twice a month.)

On Twitter, I invite people to be guest bloggers at Writer’s Fun. My action.

I’ve set my intention to be a guest blogger. And I should say that I’ve made my intention specific: I want to be a guest blogger on sites that have high visibility and lots of traffic, more traffic than I get at Writer’s Fun Zone. (I get about 1,400 monthly visitors.)

My success story is that I got contacted by BookBaby.com, a company that helps authors self-publish their books, asking if I’d like to write for their blog. Of course, I said YES.

My post will be up in a few weeks.

And all because of Twitter!

What success story do you have to share because of Twitter? Share it in the comments below.


Beth Barany is a Creativity Coach for Writers, Publishing Consultant, and Speaker. Her latest book for writers is  Twitter for Authors: Social Media Book Marketing Strategies for Shy Writers. Beth is also the award-winning novelist  of the young adult fantasy, Henrietta The Dragon Slayer. Connect with her on Twitter at @beth_barany.

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  • Just forwarded your blog on to my husband. He’s getting ready to release his second book in the next week or so. Good luck with the Challenge.


  • Beth Barany says:

    Arwen, Thanks!

    Jen, Thank you for forwarding my blog to your husband. And thanks!


  • Beth Camp says:

    Great energy! Your goal of guest blogging 2x a month is impressive, as is the invite from BookBaby. I’m new to Twitter but getting more comfortable all the time. It’s great fun to follow folks in the writing industry. In fact, I just added @bluebethley to my e-mail signature block, so that makes me wonder. I couldn’t find your handle here, so I’ll look you up. Best of luck blogging. Another Beth

  • Eleanor says:

    Twitter is the best! I have made so many wonderful contacts by using Twitter.

  • Kaye Dennan says:

    Beth you have really got me thinking about how that happened for you. I am writing a Home Business series on Kindle and to be honest I am not a great lover of Twitter. I have started a new account for this book series so I will see how proactive I can be.

  • Kaye Dennan says:

    Oh I hear all you twitter followers. Wished I had your enthusiasm. I just can’t get into it. Have started a new twitter account for my Home Business Kindle series so I hope I can keep inspired with it.

  • Beth Barany says:

    Beth! I’ll connect w/ you on Twitter. And due to your comment I added my Twitter handle. D’oh!

    Eleanor, Yeah! Another Twitter fan!

  • Beth – I am a shy writer, and for the most part completely intimidated by Twitter. I needed to read this as one of my resolutions for 2013 is to get busy and active with my marketing and Twitter. Thank you so much for sharing, and congrats on the BookBaby blog!

  • Beth Barany says:

    Melissa – Thanks for stoping by. Enjoy Twitter for Authors, and do let me know what you think and if you have any questions. You’re welcome for sharing, and thanks for the congrats!

  • Beth Barany says:

    Kaye Dennan, Be sure to connect with me on Twitter. I’m happy to help!

    Melissa, Enjoy the book, and do let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  • Hey there, I get a news letter from Book Baby.

    I love Twitter the most when I am connected to real people who communicate. I hate bots that scream all day long and then the next “Buy my product!”
    Talk to me, but don’t always expect to get an answer every time. I mean well, but I do what I am capable of doing.

  • >