3 Tips for Using Twitter to Target Your Audience

Gary Wayne Clark on TwitterWelcome to Twitter Tuesdays where I feature tips on how to use Twitter for authors by authors. This week we have 3 tips from author & musician, Gary Wayne Clark. Thanks Gary! Follow him on Twitter.


– Narrow your Following List

Since you’re limited to following 2001 people initially, carefully select the people you follow that have followers who might be interested in your work. Monitor the Tweet flow topics on a regular basis, refining the people you Follow to get a tighter target audience.

2 – Make it Readable

When you Tweet about your books, always include links and pictures to make your content contribution desirable to consume.

3 – Include Hashtags

Most importantly, include focused hashtags like #ebooks, #kindle or #nook to expand your Tweet reach to your target audience. Tweets with hashtags are a way messages can be searched by category on Twitter. You can get a starter set of #hashtags to consider @http://hashtags.org/.

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Twitter for Authors

More tips in my book, Twitter for Authors. (Amazon link. More vendors here: books2read.com/twitterforauthors.)

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“The vast majority of people on Twitter are just wasting time. Their Twitter activity is not generating significant new sales for their business. In this one-of-a-kind book, Barany provides tactical guidance specifically for fiction authors, designed to expand their reach and further their careers. This is a ‘must read’ for fiction writers navigating the often confusing world of social media.”
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“In Twitter for Authors: Social Media Book Marketing Strategies for Shy Writers, Beth Barany has created a valuable resource for writers new to Twitter as well as experienced Twitter users. Short, succinct chapters fit easily into a writer’s busy schedule. The activities at the end of each chapter help the reader apply the knowledge to his or her own life. Readers will come away with a better understanding of what their goals are for using Twitter and how best to achieve those goals in a time efficient manner. All while having fun!”
—Vanessa Kier,
Author of bestselling The Surgical Strike Unit series

Social media book marketing is key to building your author platform and to selling more books.

For many authors, the idea of sharing themselves with the world through Twitter and other social media platforms can be petrifying.

But in Twitter for Authors: Social Media Book Marketing Strategies for Shy Writers, you will discover simple ways to connect with your audience and potential readers.

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With a focus on Twitter, the author takes you through the principles you need to understand to make this medium useful to your writing career.

Chapters cover such topics as how to:

— Set up your Twitter profile
— Get comfortable with Twitter
— Craft messages to get your potential readers curious
— Build your network on Twitter
— Use special tools like hashtags and chats
— Get examples of what other writers say on Twitter
— Make best use of your Twitter time
— Use Twitter to build your author career even before you’re published

Delivered in 20 short chapters, Twitter for Authors: Social Media Book Marketing Strategies for Shy Writers is designed to be read and then acted upon, so you can build your audience and your author brand today.

“There are many books on marketing your books out there but this is one of the best… I like Twitter for Authors because it has more content than most of its competitors and takes you right from opening your Twitter account to setting up social and writers networks.” — Richard Schwindt



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