Books are Our Legacy

Monday, December 13th, 7:00pm-9:45pm:

Beth Barany

December keynote speaker: creator of the Writer’s Adventure Guide and Editor & Creativity Coach for Writers, Beth Barany (

Books are Our Legacy:

How to Get Started on Yours Today!

“In the age of blogging and tweeting, a book is still one of the most effective ways of diving into the thoughts and imagination of those who would inspire us – Books still represent a significant symbol of one of our most important and overlooked missions on Earth. Our legacy.” ~ Beth Barany

In this talk with Beth, you have the opportunity to:

  • Explore your unique legacy and the impact you’d like to have in the world
  • Play with words and how you like to put them together
  • Discover the most essential elements of writing a book
  • Uncover the key steps you might not even know about how to go from start to finish
  • Identify your fears or blocks in the way of your writing
  • Learn the # 1 essential tool to get writing now!

Bonus! Beth is also the creator of Get Published Now! She will be available throughout the evening for Q&A to answer your questions about publishing and self-publishing!

Even if you’re NOT desiring to write a book, you probably write, a lot, in this age of blogging and tweeting and facebooking, so this talk will help you make peace with and even enjoy all the writing you need to do these days.

Who has secretly (or not so secretly) harbored a dream of writing a book?

Most women give up on that dream because of fears that it takes too much time and effort — or fears that your ideas aren’t good enough — or that writing a book is just too  large an undertaking.

Here, you’re going to discover that NONE of that is true.

Come learn how you can get started on yours today!

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