Get Clear on Your Book’s Purpose


Be clear on your book’s purpose. That is, get clear on why you want to write this book? Why, specifically, this book? Why, specifically, now does this book need to come out into the world?

Why is why an important an important question to ask?

Because after the WHAT (What is the book about?), the WHO (Who is this book specifically for? And what’s important to them?), you need to know the why bother.

You’re a busy person. You have demands on your time. You have commitments, promises to keep, people to see, places to go…

So you need a really good story, um I mean, reason, to tell yourself about why on earth you want to spend your precious time, money and attention, on writing this book now.

Is two minutes of your time a reasonable amount to invest so you can get clear on the why of your book?


So, take 120 seconds (that’s two minutes) and jot down a few notes on why this book is important and why now.

Really, I mean it. Do that now.


Now here’s the call to action. Ready? Now that you know your why, decide to commit to your book, or not, now. Either way is fine. You can always change your mind later. Your job now is to decide. Be clear and open about your decisions. To yourself.

To take your commitment a step further (for the daring ones out there!), and to show your commitment to outside of yourself, tell someone else. Tell me.  Tell a trusted colleague. Tell your spouse. Tell someone!


You just:

  • Got clear about the WHY for your book
  • Decided to commit to an action (to take action on your book now, or not)
  • And told someone about your decision.

Until next month!

c. 2009-2010 Beth Barany

**Who Beth Barany works with are aspiring authors. She helps them get their books written and out to market.

**Previous TNNW articles on the Writer’s Fun Zone.

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