Confessions of a Writing Addict

Flag of the city of KazanI have a confession to make: I’m a writing addict.

I have to write. Every day.

Whether it’s a blog post, a piece of fiction, a marketing blurb or editing job for one of my clients, I just have to do it. Not to mention all the emails I write.

What’s the cure?

The only way to cure my writing addition is through it.

And so I write.

I do feel better now that I’ve confessed, revealed the dark truth, faced my demon lover: writing.

And you, my dear lurkers of the Writer’s Fun Zone, are you likewise addicted to writing? It is safe to confess and face facts here. We can walk the dark and twisted path together.

c. 2009 Beth Barany

Author & Unabashed Iconoclast

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