Create Change Now

Are you ready to create change now?

That is the question my good friend, and author, Cari LaGrange Murphy is asking us all now. In her new book, Create Change Now, offers an effective, and inspiring tool to all you creatives out there!

Here’s what she says:

We all need a little boost to help us get our lives on a purpose-FULL track. My powerful new book, CREATE CHANGE NOW: Reflections for Personal Transformation, will be launched today, June 2nd! As a Spiritual and Inspirational Author and Empowerment Mentor Worldwide, I offer effective, life-altering bit-size doses of that will enable you to CREATE CHANGE NOW! Small doses of life-altering information applied on a daily basis will literally transform your life and take you to the next level of actualizing your creative potential!

This book is your invitation to a more abundant life!! This is your golden opportunity to renew your spirit and manifest your dreams! Create Change Now will be a perfect daily companion for manifesting a rich and joyful life! Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase my book and receive $5000 in instantly downloadable bonus gifts from Best Selling Authors, Self Improvements Experts, and Internationally Acclaimed Speakers that are supporting/sponsoring the launch of my book!

Click the link below for details and make today the first day of the rest of your life! Stop Striving and Start Arriving!Limitless Success Awaits YOU!



Read further for more information on the book:

This is YOUR Life’s Journey: Do you have a clear vision for what you wish to create for yourself? Is your destination clear? Are you ready to powerfully and positively steer the creative vehicle of your life instead of allowing it to run negatively on auto-pilot? These are the questions you need to ask yourself!

LEARN TO MASTER THE ART OF PERSONAL SUCCESS! Learn to focus your intentions on what you really want in your life! Purchase my book today and you will receive over $5,000.00 in bonus gifts! This is a special one day promotional offer. Read through all the expert endorsements at and make a commitment to create change in your life now!

In my book you will learn the ways to clearly CREATE CHANGE! You will learn to clarify what you want and embrace the opportunities that come your way. You will become aware your personal power. You will recognize the impact of your choices. You will courageously open your heart and acknowledge the calling of your soul. You will create change that will inspire inner transformation, SOUL GROWTH, and dynamic personal accountability! You will notice new doors magically opening before your eyes! Powerful, positive change CAN AND WILL happen if you read my book and apply the messages into your daily experience.

As you examine the current state of your life, ask yourself, “Am I thriving or merely surviving?” What would your life look like if you designed it with conscious focus and attention? What would fulfillment look like and feel like for you in each area of your life?

The truth is that each day you are presented with opportunities to live out your purpose. Learn how to live with awareness, clarity, focus and determination! You can consciously design your life ON PURPOSE and create the life you really want! My book will uplift your spirit, shift your perspective, and support you in making more conscious choices. Allow the daily messages from CREATE CHANGE NOW: Reflections for Personal Transformation, to empower you to live your life with passion and purpose and design your daily experience with clarity, awareness and deliberate focus.

Once you take responsibility not only for what you do, but for what you think and feel, the world around you will begin to shine in ways you never dreamed possible! You CAN begin to create change NOW. The daily decisions that you make determine how your tomorrows are created!! Open the door for CREATING CHANGE NOW. You deserve to live the life of your dreams!

Click here for details and make today the first day of the rest of your life!
Stop Striving and Start Arriving!
Limitless Success Awaits YOU

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