How to Be a Better Writer

We have an emotional brain, according to Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence.

And emotional brain, not an intellectual one.

I think we learn by hearing and speaking and watching. Speech was the first great transmitter of the culture of ideas, thoughts, and beliefs.

We learn when we are a near a teacher, near someone who has the confidence we want, the experience we want, the success we want. This isn’t envy. In its truest form, it’s mentorship.

Mirror neurons are brain cells that fire both when you do something and when you watch someone else do the same thing. — New Scientist, 12 May 2008

Science has recently show that all we have to do for our brain to mirror another’s brain is to hear/listen/watch another and our brain waves/neural pathways move to mirror their brain waves.

Why am I saying all this? To bastardize Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “Get Thee to a Writing Teacher.”

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