Affirmations for Writers

Adapt these affirmations as you’d like. I wrote them to work that subconscious layer of my being that doesn’t believe in what I’m doing. I offer them to you in the hopes that you will find inspiration, deepen your motivation, and rise to new levels of your creative writing practice.

  1. I am a writer.
  2. I have permission to write.
  3. I have permission to earn a good living from writing.
  4. I have permission to earn money regularly and often from my writing.
  5. I get paid very well for my ideas.
  6. I am paid handsomely for my fiction and nonfiction books.
  7. I write compelling and wonderful stories with great characters and plots.
  8. My movie projects are fun and net me wonderful experiences, relationships and profits.
  9. I inspire others with my novels, movies, nonfiction books and other creative projects.
  10. I inspire and motivate others to fully express their creativity and enlighten humanity with their gifts.
  11. I relax into my vulnerability.
  12. I am strong and vulnerable at the same time.
  13. I accept and love myself fully.
  14. Now is the most powerful moment there is. Now is where I live.
  15. I am compassionate in my communications to myself and others.
  16. I love my body and my soul.
  17. I know my purpose and live it fully.
  18. I am fearless and vulnerable, human and divine.
  19. I love life’s paradoxes.
  20. I dance in life’s cauldron of love.