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Writer Envy by Annmarie Miles

I cheer and whoop and holler for other writers’ success; and when I do, I mean it. I genuinely mean it. But I find myself constantly comparing myself to others and how they are doing. Social media doesn’t help with that. Knowing how many followers and likes and comments etc that others have can give me a false sense of triumph and needless disappointment.


From Stuck to Success: Ten Reasons WHY You Get Stuck…and HOW to Turn It Around by Margaret A. Nystrom, M.A.T.

Whatever it is you are stuck on, whether it is writing a novel or blog, cleaning the house, a dreaded task, or making a major change in your life, LISTEN to what you are telling yourself. What we think, feel, and do determines whether we start and successfully complete a project or stop ourselves with doubts and procrastination.