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“Can I add suspense to my story?”

“Can I add suspense to my story?” a writer asked. “Yes,” is my short answer. Here’s one good resource for how: “6 Secrets to Creating and Sustaining Suspense” by Steven James. http://www.writersdigest.com/online-editor/6-secrets-to-creating-and-sustaining-suspense We’ll be...


Creating Character Depth by Jami Gray

For all those who have interacted with small humans in the kinder-to-third grade arena, you might be familiar with Flat Stanley (also known in some cases as Flat Lizzy). For those who haven’t had the joy of meeting this illustrious character, a quick introduction.


Writing Romance is a Different Animal by Carol Malone

All fiction genres have plots. A story needs a story-line, something that pushes the characters from page one to the end. When we look at a mystery, we want to see how the main character is going to solve the mystery and save themselves and probably their lover. In romance, the plot HAS to be driven by the romantic relationship of the hero and heroine and by the turning points in their romantic relationship.


What Do You Write? Mystery, Suspense or Thriller?

Many have attempted to explain the difference between a mystery, a suspense and a thriller, often to no avail, as in this day and age, the definitions have become blurred. The suspense/thriller genius, Alfred...


CRAFT: The Art of Mixing Humor and Suspense

Welcome to the another article in the Craft series, this one by Bobbye Terry, a frequent guest columnist at the Writer’s Fun Zone. // “Mixing humor with suspense?” you ask. “Surely you jest.” No, I don’t. For one of the few times in print, I’m completely serious.