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The Write Stuff by Nevada McPherson

What fuels you to write? Passion? The rage to tell a story at all costs? Those things are certainly key and you can’t do it without them but in this case what fuel do you use to invite the muse?


Sing Your Own Kind of Music–Always by Nevada McPherson

I recently saw the film Florence Foster Jenkins, starring Meryl Streep in the title role. It’s about the New York heiress and socialite who loved music with a passion and supported musical productions with her patronage. She herself also sang—badly. Surrounded by a coterie of friends who complimented her singing and encouraged her, she performed private recitals and developed a devoted cult following.


Once You Start, Where Do You Stop? by Nevada McPherson

Greetings! Hope your summer reading and writing projects are coming along nicely. If you’ve been busy with other summer activities you’ve still got a few weeks to read a novel or two or to pen a rough draft before fall arrives. I’ve personally been in the process of moving into a new apartment and am only now getting to some projects I’ve been planning.


Ready to Roar! By Nevada McPherson

If you could give yourself a present for the holidays that would improve your life, your art and your relationships with others, what would it be? For me it would the gift of confidence! Having confidence in yourself as a writer and as an artist is crucial to your success and to your very survival in what can often seem to be an indifferent world. To have confidence in yourself is to appreciate and treasure your uniqueness and singular point of view that no one else in the world has.


Doing Our Own Thing Together by Nevada McPherson

Things have been evolving as I work on my latest graphic novel, Queensgate. You may be able to tell if you’ve read my previous posts that I’m very hands-on when it comes to my work, as I’m sure are many of you folks out there! My graphic novels are so far based on my own screenplays; they’re completely hand-drawn, by me, and I’ve also experienced that extremely steep learning curve that comes from being self-published and having to market and promote one’s own work (though I understand that even if you’re not self-published that’s often the case).