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The Writing Trap by Chloe Adler

Take Years to Perfect Your Novel or Publish Now? I listen to a lot of podcasts, podcasts about writing, podcasts about marketing, and podcasts about business.


Accountability Using Google Spreadsheets by Raina Schell

A few months ago I decided on an exercise challenge. After two years of bi-weekly handstand classes I still could not balance on my own in the center of the room. After asking experts I was told, “you need to practice every single day no matter what, for a minimum of two minutes a day. If you do this, in six months to a year you’ll have your handstands.”


Writer’s Brain – Whose Brain Is It? by Raina Schell

Sometimes writing is like being in a trance. How else can it be explained? When people have experiences, like taking the kids to the zoo for the first time or falling in love; we remember them. We may even remember what our lover was wearing the first time we laid eyes on him or her.


How Valuable is Feedback to an Author? by Carol Malone

It’s been a long standing tradition that writing contests are not only good for finding those story jewels ready to be published, but they serve as a great platform for feedback even if the author doesn’t win the contest.


Q&A with Dave M. Strom

I, Dave M. Strom, am a technical writer, comic book geek, and budding novelist and short story writer. So far, I specialize in bringing to life Holly Hansson, the Super(wo)man who’d rather be Clark Kent. She’s a writer also.


Wanna Get Published? Start Now!

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