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The Cheap Retreat Guide – More Writing, Less Money, Too Much Ice Cream By Catharine Bramkamp

I save flyers and emails touting to only the benefits but the transformative magic of this writing workshop or that retreat.  Many workshops and retreats seem to take place in exotic locations either so you have an excuse to go, or because the workshop leader has always wanted to travel there be it Taos or Paris. And who doesn’t want to travel to Taos and Paris?


The Value of Short Stories By Martin Haworth

As a business writer, I came to writing articles late in life. Eventually, from 2004 to 2013, I wrote over 400 and posted them out there in the world — on my own blogs; on other peoples’ websites, and on article banks.


What’s in a Name? by Kay Keppler

The first line of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick is “Call me Ishmael.” Thus begins an incredible saga told through the eyes of one of literature’s greatest narrators.


The Writing Trap by Chloe Adler

Take Years to Perfect Your Novel or Publish Now? I listen to a lot of podcasts, podcasts about writing, podcasts about marketing, and podcasts about business.


The Write Stuff by Nevada McPherson

What fuels you to write? Passion? The rage to tell a story at all costs? Those things are certainly key and you can’t do it without them but in this case what fuel do you use to invite the muse?