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Estate Planning for Copyright Owners by Kelley Way

Let’s face it, death is depressing. Thinking about your own death is doubly depressing. However, if you have a copyright that is making money, and you want it to stay profitable, you should have a plan in place for what will happen to it when you can no longer manage it yourself.


Top 5 Tips for Negotiating by Kelley Way

Negotiation is a part of life. We haggle at farmers’ markets, we bargain with our significant others, and of course, we make deals in the business world. Knowing the rules of negotiation is helpful in all of these situations, but most of all when making business deals.


Licensing for Authors

You know you’ve hit it big when someone approaches you, asking for a license to use your work. And you also know (or at least you should, if you’ve been reading my articles) that if you’re borrowing heavily from someone else’s work, you should really get a license from them if you don’t want a cease and desist letter from their lawyer. Those are not pretty. Even if they’re polite, they still use scary words like “lawsuit” and “infringement.”


Using Real People in Stories – Part 1

One of the more frequent questions I am asked is whether an author can use a person’s name, life story, or attributes in his or her novel. It’s a thorny issue, which is not surprising when a person’s reputation, privacy, and/or identity is involved. To make matters worse, there are few, if any, federal laws on this subject, so what claims an angry plaintiff can pursue, and the nature of those claims, will vary from state to state.