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How to Be Funny Without Hurting Yourself by Catharine Bramkamp

When you try really, really hard to be funny, it inevitably won’t work. Like when my mother tells a joke. She always forgets some critical piece in the set up that, if forgotten, renders the punch line unintelligible. Which, as she backtracks and says, Oh, I forgot to tell you about the bath tub, is funny, but not the way she intended.


CRAFT: The Art of Mixing Humor and Suspense

Welcome to the another article in the Craft series, this one by Bobbye Terry, a frequent guest columnist at the Writer’s Fun Zone. // “Mixing humor with suspense?” you ask. “Surely you jest.” No, I don’t. For one of the few times in print, I’m completely serious.

So You Want to Write a Novel 6

So You Want to Write a Novel

O.M.G.* LOL — ROFL** Um. Writers, hold on to your hats… OMG = “Oh my god!” LOL — ROFL = Laugh out loud — Roll on the floor laughing Question: What do you say...