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Passion and Voice: An Excerpt from Making Your Creative Mark by Eric Maisel

A logical — and vital — relationship exists between passion and voice. It is very hard to be passionate about what you’re doing if you haven’t found your voice as an artist. Imagine being forced to sing an octave too high or an octave too low, straining to hit notes that you can’t really hit and that aren’t natural to you. It would be very hard to be passionate about singing in that situation.


Spark Your Creativity with the 5 Senses: Taste

This is #5 in a series of articles on Creativity and Inspiration for Writers. Tips shared here are inspired by my e-book, Overcome Writer’s Block, and will soon also be part of a course at We Write Books community. How can we be a better writers, or get re-inspired in our writing? Let’s tap into our five senses. I’ve already written about sight, sound, smell and touch. Today is taste!