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Learning from Our Reading by Martin Haworth

Over the summer I’ve been reading a lot (haven’t we all?) and I’ve realised that my reading has changed a little as I’ve started to write more and with the hindsight of what I’ve learned along the way.


Backstory: Not a Dirty Word by Kay Keppler

We’ve all heard the first commandment for writers: never open your book with backstory. And the second commandment? No infodumps. And the third? Sprinkle that backstory throughout your book.


Time and Your Story by Kay Keppler

Now that we’ve entered a new year—a new time, essentially—it seems like a good moment to think about how you use time in your story and what place and function it serves.


Axing The Backstory

Welcome back guest columnist, Bobbye Terry, as she reveals why we need to axe our backstory. What do you think about backstory? ^*^ Ah, a round of applause for the backstory, all of that information that...