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What Do They Look Like? by Nevada McPherson

You imagine your favorite (or least favorite) literary characters in your mind’s eye, which is part of the magic of reading. Have you ever been disappointed by the casting when they made the book into a movie because then that character didn’t fit the image you had in your mind?


Q&A with Hayley of Hayley’s Reviews, a YA Book Blogger

My name is Hayley Guertin, and I live in Ontario, Canada with my mom and my dog Jax. I got into reading when I was 10, and even before that, I used to pick books over toys anytime. My hobbies include listening to music and working on reviews. (I feel like I’m on a dating website.)


The Blog Title Game Written by Cheryl Liquori

Over the years we’ve come across a lot of resources, and have collected a lot of tips and tricks on how to create a killer blog title, or headline. (Why do they always use the word ‘killer’? Isn’t there a word that’s equally impactful that doesn’t imply death and destruction?! It’s probably one of those “trigger words” I’ve come across. But that’s a topic for another blog post. End rant.)